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Polentine with mushrooms


Crackers of corn flour and farro flour with mushrooms. A single confection weighs 45 grams.

More details

  • Sacchetto da 45 grammi
  • bag of 200 grams
  • Vassoio da 1Kg.

More info

In times gone by, when "polenta" was one of the most common dishes cooked in the valleys, people experimented to find as many possible variations, using the same basic recipe, to help avoid the dish becoming ‘boring’. Leftovers from the previous day were often reheated in the oven, and served with whatever else was available. From this simple idea we have taken the humble polenta and given it a variety of twists, using bold and delicate flavourings such as mint, or mixed flowers, adding them to the unmistakeable taste of corn flour.

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