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Handmade prepared with extra virgin oil, as breadstick but with farro flour and corn flour. You can find our product in 50gr pack or unpackaged.

More details

  • bag of 50 grams
  • bag of 200 grams
  • Vassoio da 1Kg.
  • bag of 2 Kilograms

More info

According to legend ‘grissini’ (breadsticks) were first made in the 17th century by a Lanzo doctor, for the future King Vittorio Amedeo II. In our reworking of the original recipe we have eliminated the use of animal fats, and utilised farro flour. We have combined the farro flour with cornflour, in search of something a little more ‘special’. Lastly, to round off this delicious appetizer, we have produced exciting varieties.

The pictures present in this website are purely indicative.