Welcome to the valleys of Lanzo!

StraVEGANte was born out of our desire to create a company capable of blending a love for nature and wildlife with our professional skills, honed in the worlds of confectionary and oven-baked goods by Tiziana, and through years of plant and flower cultivation by Antonietta.

This marriage gave birth to the production of foods which reflect the following, fundamental principles.

  • No products or ingredients of animal origin, fully respecting the VEGAN lifestyle
  • All primary produce is organically grown
  • We prepare, when required, vegetable fats. We never use margarine
  • All our flour is made exclusively from farro, corn and chick-peas
  • All our savoury oven-baked products are leavened naturally.
  • No fried foods
  • Our low-calorie line is created using stevia, a natural sweetener.

Our products are a revisiting of local specialities, in harmony with the principles listed above, integrated with recipes which, while perhaps not necessarily traditional, use ingredients either typically found in our valleys, or which offer us wonderful flavours. We offer biscuits and cookies made with cornflour, savoury snacks made with chick-pea flour and a wide variety of other regional delicacies and liquors. These products, all created using locally-sourced organic ingredients, mean you’ll be carrying a little bit of our mountains valleys away with you when you leave, and our beautiful flora and fauna will thank you too.

The following pages contain descriptions of our products, as well as photographs of local wildlife. There’s a list of shops and stores where you can buy our produce, as well as a list of food fairs we’ll be participating in. These fairs are a great way for you to taste and understand what we do, enabling us to market ourselves to a wider audience and allowing us to demonstrate that our foodstuffs are at least the equal of other traditional products. This way we can dismantle the clichéd view that a vegan lifestyle choice means sacrificing quality. We’re ready to show you that the only things you’ll be renouncing are cruelty to animals and the eating of chemically-treated food and non-vegetable fats...